Hollywood coming of age as arts venue

July 22, 2013 by  

The ArtsPark is to showcase its main event tomorrow evening, showcasing how Hollywood has become something of a go-to place, fast becoming a haven for art in Broward County and further afield.

After all, poster printing is always taking place for various events through the year here. However, it is not just about arty presentations and spectacular shows. There is also a great deal going on right through the every week.

The ArtsPark is a hub of everything, and represents the beating heart of the area. From its kaleidoscope of colors in the kids’ area, to the green open spaces for all, it is perfect for everyone from the tri-country catchment.

The ArtsPark also has a serious part to play though, particularly this week, as it takes part in the city’s Ready Hollywood 2013. A fun event across the city, the event is all about teaching folks how to stay safe through the hurricane season of 2013 – something which has recently become a well-documented and highly important message to get across.

The main art of this free and fun family event takes place this coming Tuesday, July 23. Starting at 5:00 pm and running through 8:00 pm, it all gets underway in front of the Broward County Library.

Presentations will then take place inside the library, where lots of flyer printing no doubt be will be put into action with handy advice for residents and business on how to protect themselves if a storm should arise.