Dog bowl raises money for the Boxer Friends

March 8, 2013 by  

The Boxer Friends, a non-profit dog rescue group, recently held its annual Dog Bowl at Topeekeegee Yugnee Park in Hollywood, Florida.

The event featured several contests, including Bobbing for Hot Dogs and Best Dressed Dog, as well as games and a lure course. No doubt flyer printing and poster printing were used to make dog owners and others aware of this event, which was a fundraiser and drew hundreds of people in the relatively brisk and chilly weather.

Many people at the event commented on the delightful nature of the boxers they have adopted from the group. Martha Young adopted a purebred boxer, who was emaciated and suffering from pneumonia when she first laid eyes on it, but the now 10-year-old dog has become an integral family member.

Brett Ury owns two boxers from the organization and has a special bond with the breed. One of the dogs the group rescued was named after his fiancĂ©e who recently passed away. He had asked for monetary donations be made to the group instead of flowers. Such donations not only help the group to operate but are also used to treat the boxers that have been rescued. One of these was a boxer with an eye ulceration – now happy, healthy, and living in a caring home.

According to the president of the Boxer Friends, Fran Hunt, such stories as these show that rescue dogs make good pets. Given a loving home, they are able to thrive and live long and happy lives.