CarCharging to deploy citywide car charging services in Hollywood

July 21, 2012 by  

The City of Hollywood, Florida recently awarded CarCharging, a provider of services for charging electric vehicles, the sole contract in the city to provide its charging services at those parking garages which are public in the city. The company is likely to be using flyer printing and poster printing to make those who drive electric vehicles aware of the service, so as to make charging their vehicles easier as they drive around the city.

There are three locations that CarCharging has deployed in Hollywood, two of which are in the center of the city for businesses located downtown, visitors to the area, and residents. The other one is near the beach. The locations are in parking garages owned by the city and are available for members of the community as well as visitors.

According to the City of Hollywood Director of Parking and Intergovernmental Affairs, Lorie Mertens Black, having CarCharging stations installed in the city is one way in which the city can encourage and support the use of electric vehicles and help to promote sustainability.

The CEO of CarCharging, Michael Farkas, is also excited about the opportunity in Hollywood. He hopes that the efforts in Hollywood will facilitate the use of public garages for the purpose of charging electric vehicles and serve as a model for other cities in Florida to follow Hollywood’s lead.

In order to use the services of CarCharging, drivers of electric vehicles create and register an account with the company and then attach to their keychain a small card, enabling them to make payments at a CarCharging station. Payments to CarCharging can also be made directly to the company by credit card.