South Florida Professionals Meetup Group offers networking opportunities

December 24, 2011 by  

Based not too far away from Hialeah in Fort Lauderdale, the newly formed South Florida Professionals Meetup Group is giving nearby businesspeople a chance to try a different way of networking.

With a website that opens with the words, ‘Our mission is to make networking among professionals fun and socially fulfilling…’, it’s immediately clear that South Florida Professionals has been formed with the needs of self-employed professionals in mind.

Using online profiles almost in place of traditional business cards, this group actively encourages members to figure out who they want to network with before heading off to events. In spite of what that sounds like, there’s nothing preventing attendees from taking along their business card printing. To help the other members match interests a little bit better however, digital business cards are a worthwhile option to consider as well.

The philosophy of the South Florida Professionals Meetup Group can be summed up as a fundamental belief that the best way to network is to interact with people as individuals and to build relationships from there. As such, there are a few rules in place that businesspeople coming from other groups might not be used to. With respect to promoting products at events, the site explains its rationale with a single quote:

“Networking begins with giving, not asking”.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that business owners can’t promote their companies or upcoming product launches. It simply requires that people go through the proper channels and emphasize ‘selling themselves’. Although the group is only a few months old, it definitely seems to have a solid foundation.