New networking group has large ambitions

January 9, 2012 by  

A new Miami-beached based business group will be holding meetings not too far away from Hialeah.

Team leaders have summarized this group as follows:

“The purpose of this group is for entrepreneurs to find support in starting their own product lines. Whether it is a new tea line, a wine/spirits, a beauty product, a fragrance, whatever your big idea is, this group is here to brainstorm, support and give tools to entrepreneurs to get started. In this group we want to gather entrepreneurs along with all those who can help entrepreneurs, such as private label companies, business & marketing strategist, creatives, retailers (i.e. spas, restaurants), and investors. To bring people together to help create new, innovative products into the marketplace.”

Although the group was formed fairly recently in December of 2011, Entrepreneurs Starting a Product Line has wasted no time organizing events for its members. Officially starting January 18th, professionals and future entrepreneurs are invited to come and interact with one another.

If for any reason an individual isn’t able to make it, there will be another meeting held January 29th in Fort Lauderdale. As is the case with event taking place on the 18th, attendees will likely be in need of business card printing when all is said and done. Start-ups and companies in search of investors need to consider bringing professional flyer printing for prospective investors to look at as well.

Whether a company decision-maker is coming as an investor or on behalf of a business in need of funding, this is a group worth keeping an eye on.