Walk for health in Fort Lauderdale

May 24, 2012 by  

The Soul Walk, a 5K walk to raise awareness of health in the community, will take place in Holiday Park on June 10. The event is sponsored by local businesses and schools.

This is more than just a 5K walk, it is also a health fair. In addition to the walk, the event will feature music provided by a DJ, free health screenings, and vendors. The health screenings will most likely consist of checking blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose testing. These are the sort of tests that are often avoided due to monetary concerns.

Vendors will probably be selling health-related items and services, which could include everything from mobility aids to home nursing services to healthy eating. There will no doubt be non-profit organizations amongst the vendors helping to educate the people about certain health concerns and raising awareness of their organization. Fort Lauderdale printing companies can help these organizations to prepare by offering flyer printing and poster printing services. A flyer is an inexpensive way to inform the public about an organization and any upcoming events.

Most of us are concerned about our health these days. Our population is rapidly aging so healthcare is becoming important to everyone. People do not want to get sick and are finding out the more they understand about their health, the easier it is to remain healthy for longer. Thankfully, many communities have regular health fairs such as the Soul Walk to educate the public on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.