Taste of Spring is due for South Florida Wildlife Center

March 31, 2013 by  

The Taste of Spring 2013 is due to take place on in Fort Lauderdale early next month, held at the Buzzetti residence. The master of ceremonies will be Todd Tongen.

The event is being conducted to raise money for the South Florida Wildlife Center, which will be preparing for up to 100 animals each day arriving needing emergency care. This is especially the case in spring, when the babies start to arrive.

The executive director of the South Florida Wildlife Center (SFWC) spoke of her gratitude towards those who support the center so that they can, in her words:

“…preserve the diversity of species essential to maintain the delicate balance of our unique and fragile ecosystem.”

A raffle will be held on the night itself, with music by the Florida Youth Orchestra and a vegan menu offered. A live auction will also be held, with the items available for viewing beforehand, possibly displayed in a handy publication using local catalog printing services.

The SFWC was founded in Fort Lauderdale in 1969 by Beatrice Humphreys. Emergency services are available to animals 365 days a year, dealing with around 13,000 animals annually.

Among the staff are veterinarians, technicians, rehabilitators of wildlife, and over 600 volunteers who are fully trained. Three ambulances are available on a full-time basis, helping to deal with up to 900 animals at the center each day. The aim is to rehabilitate every single animal cared for and return it successfully to its natural habitat.