Streetcars to hit downtown Fort Lauderdale by 2015

July 10, 2012 by  

After several years of effort by Fort Lauderdale city officials and representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the US Dept. of Transportation informed the city on July 5 that it will soon be awarded an $18 million grant to implement the city’s Wave Streetcar Project in the downtown area.

According to city officials, many benefits will arise from the streetcar system. It’s believed the planned streetcars will ease traffic downtown and cut down on the city’s fossil fuel emissions, but it’s thought the biggest positive impacts will be economic.

As quoted on the Sun Sentinal’s website, Fort Lauderdale mayor John P. “Jack” Seiler said:

“It’s going to stimulate economic activity throughout the downtown area by providing real opportunities for economic impact… The sooner it starts, the better.”

Once underway, the project is expected to provide numerous jobs both during the estimated two to three year process of implementing necessary infrastructure, and during the eventual on-going operation of the streetcars. Furthermore, the streetcars will likely improve the overall atmosphere of downtown Fort Lauderdale, which should boost profits for small downtown businesses while improving the city’s tourism profile.

Between all the signage that will be necessary at streetcar stations, along the streetcar routes, and on the streetcars themselves, some competition is naturally expected among Fort Lauderdale print companies. It’s also likely that streetcars themselves will feature relatively large advertisements at appropriate areas on the cars, providing more possible opportunities for printing companies.

Given such a large undertaking, brochure printers and those in Fort Lauderdale involved with poster printing and business card printing may also find new opportunities stemming from the future streetcar system.