Music festival taking place in downtown Ft. Lauderdale

November 21, 2011 by  

On Saturday, November 26, 2011, Ft. Lauderdale will be alive with the energy Dancegiving is sure to bring. If nothing else, lovers of music are in for an excellent treat. This festival will feature all the latest DJs and musical acts. Although it’s starting early at 5:00 p.m., with Dancegiving scheduled to end at midnight there will be plenty of time for those present to enjoy themselves and the music.

Besides the festival’s ideal location and top-notch live acts, those planning to be at Dancegiving will also be able to participate in different games and be eligible for all sorts of prizes. Whether an individual prefers to be active on the dance floor or to relax with friends while music plays in the background, Dancegiving is sure to cater to all tastes.

If the banner printing doesn’t tip anybody off, Dancegiving is being sponsored by America’s Backyard and Revolution Live. To be a part of this music festival, those planning to attend will have to buy tickets at $40.00 and adhere to the dress code that’s outlined on their site. Those who are familiar with Backyard and Revolution will know what to expect.

In any case, the event is going to be taking place at America’s Backyard and Revolution in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. No matter what an individual’s expectations are ahead of time, the Dancegiving music festival is sure to be a fun evening for everyone involved. Those who are interested in attending are currently being advised to contact Revolution Live for more information on tickets.