Fort Lauderdale residents create murals using paint by numbers

March 19, 2013 by  

Adults and children in Fort Lauderdale Florida recently joined two professional artists to create murals on Northeast/Northwest 13th Street using paint by numbers.

The mural painting is a local project and a collaboration between a group of neighborhood associations (Lorraine Maxwell, who is an artist; H.O.M.E.S. Inc, which is a program for community and housing development; and LaFlamme). The neighborhood in the Fort Lauderdale area had become a little run down during the last 10 years, following the economic slump. High rates of burglaries and drugs had become a problem until the residents worked together to clean up the area.

Around 30 people turned up to paint the murals and sculptures, all helped by professional artists. The collaboration possibly used local flyer printing services to draw some of the local kids and adults to the location to help create the murals. According to local artist Jacklyn LaFlamme, who specializes in mural art work, the project has drawn the community together and brightened up the area. The organization hopes to paint murals in other parts of the neighborhood; possibly as many as 15 to 20. Glen Mayo, who is a local artist specializing in metalwork and sculptures, will add flowers and stars made out of aluminum to the murals.

One resident in the area, Lauren Erving, said that the neighborhood had improved in the last couple of years, as new businesses have opened and people are moving back to the area. Lorraine Maxwell believes that the murals will not be targeted by graffiti as people who have worked on the art work will look after it.