Fort Lauderdale mayor takes part in Spin-A-Thon

April 23, 2013 by  

Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Jack Seiler, has recently taken part in this year’s Spin-A-Thon to raise money for a pair of charity organizations.

The annual event is organized by the Marine Industry Cares Foundation, which started the spin-a-thon five years ago, originally in a member’s back yard. The event is now held at Esplanade Park under a pavilion using 100 bikes, all of which are stationary. Publicity for the event has also increased, possibly using local stationery printers to produce promotional materials, the two beneficiaries are Kids in Distress and the Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center.

Sue Price from Crew Unlimited reveals that the secret to being successful in the spin-a-thon is to pedal at a steady pace without getting into a sweat, as there is no minimum speed requirement for the event. Around 500 participants are arranged into teams, with members of each team taking turns to pedal their stationary bike.

Fundraising for the event looks as though it will break records this year, as $135,000 had already been raised by the start of the Spin-A-Thon, with the final total to follow. Among participants are employees from the yacht, cruise, and marine industry. Decorations adorned the bikes, with streamers, pom-poms, sunflowers, and inflatable toys, while riders wore T-shirts for their teams, donned bikinis over clothing, or dressed in neon bright clothes.

The Marine Industry Cares Foundation is a collaboration between the members of businesses in the marine industry, employees, and volunteers who organize the event each year to benefit the two organizations.