Fort Lauderdale kickstarts events for 2012

January 13, 2012 by  

While there’s no question that the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce has a packed schedule ahead, there are a couple of events local business owners should make note of.

On January 19th the Biz to Biz Leads Group will be holding its regular meeting. Starting 8:00 am and going up to 9:00 am, this event has all the hallmarks of a productive morning where networking is concerned. If a local business owner wants to show up at this meeting with a supply of professional business card printing in hand, there’s nothing stopping preventing that from happening. The early start time should dovetail nicely with most people’s schedules while providing individuals with the chance to get a few extra contacts well.

Following Biz to Biz Leads, there will be a Down Town Council Breakfast taking place on the January 24th at the Tower Club. Another early morning event that’s scheduled to go from 8:00 am to 9:30 am, business owners will be able to hear what District 4 candidates and the incumbent mayor have to say about their respective platforms. Although the other two mayoral candidates have not yet confirmed their attendance at this event, this forum is sure to invoke more than its share of thought-provoking conversation.

Of course, the Fort Lauder Chamber of Commerce is going to be very active this year. These are only two of the many events being held this January. Browse through the events listed on the chamber website and see if there’s anything of interest.