Fort Lauderdale joins revitalization project in Boynton

May 20, 2013 by  

A recent weekend in May saw a group of volunteers from Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles and Miami join forces with residents of Boynton to revitalize the ‘Bay Gate’ area of an industrial park.

The event ‘Paint It! An Urban Affair’ was launched to transform an industrial park section into a thriving Arts District. The weekend was hosted by ArtistActivistA Gallery.

Among the volunteers to help with the project were eco-enthusiasts, graffiti artists, and entrepreneurs, all looking forward to the urban gardening, music, and live art which took place over the weekend. According to Rolando Chang Barrero, the organizer of the event, this was the first time so many people had gathered together to support one cause.

The area being revitalized had just empty car garages before the combined efforts of the volunteers. Murals were painted by 10 different artists, including Dennis Pomales, 27, a graffiti artist who uses spray paint to create colorful murals. Although he did not know what his project would be, he knew it would turn out just fine. Bill Milner, an urban grower, social entrepreneur, and artist spent most of the time laying soil, removing the weeds, and planting flowers in the area.

Prior to the event taking place, it is possible that local flyer printing services were required to promote the event and call for volunteers. Milner added that he believed that projects were more successful when they were completed by people living in the area, rather than private developers or city officials.