Fort Lauderdale drivers find parking spaces in real time

November 25, 2012 by  

A new device which has been launched by Streetline in the City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida will make it easier for drivers to locate a parking space downtown.

The Smart Parking system has been released by Streetline, along with a smartphone app called Parker, available to the public free of charge. Using Parker and Smart Parking, drivers in the city will be able to see which parking spaces are free in real time, rather than driving around and wasting time searching for a spot.

The pavements have sensors embedded in them, so that Parker will be able to detect which spaces are free for use. A variety of devices may be used to locate a parking space, like a smartphone, tablet or PC. Using one of the devices, Parker will provide information of how many spaces are available and where they are located. The app may also be used to pay the parking charge and to keep track of time left on the parking meter. When returning to the vehicle, the app also gives walking directions to reach it.

The City’s Director of the Department of Transportation and Mobility, Diana Alarcon said that the city was making parking easier for residents and visitors with the use of the latest technology.

Perhaps the technology may be promoted through the use of local printing services, so that visitors and residents understand the benefits of the device. The new system will save time and make parking easier for everyone in the city.