Florida Thrift Week welcomed back

January 17, 2013 by  

In a recently released press release, it was announced that Florida Thrift Week would be making a welcome return to the US.

Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater pronounced January 17 – 23 as Florida Thrift Week to help all U.S. citizens learn the values of saving and thrift, encouraging people to put the values in place. The James Madison Institute (JMI) will be the official sponsor of Florida Thrift Week and is an educational and research-led organization based in Florida which aims to educate young people about thrift and keeping Florida people informed of the government.

According to CFO Atwater, debt and the uncertainty of the economy can be fought against, by saving and practicing thrift. The president of JMI, Dr. Bob McClure spoke of the honor of reinstating Thrift Week, as National Thrift Week was ended in 1966. The movement towards Thrift Week began in 1916 during World War I, starting on January 17 to commemorate the birthday of Benjamin Franklin – the main advocate of thrift in the US. A national campaign was recently launched by the John Templeton Foundation to bring back the annual celebration.

Students will receive a publication distributed by newspapers in Florida and JMI, ‘All About the Benjamins: Understanding the Value of Thrift’, as part of the celebrations. Students will be told of success stories by people who have practiced thrift.

The revival of Thrift Week will possibly be publicized using the services of local print companies to provide details of the event and information on how to implement thrift into everyday life.