A new campaign to promote “sunny” Fort Lauderdale

October 15, 2012 by  

A new campaign has been launched by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors’ Bureau to encourage tourists to visit Fort Lauderdale. The vice president of client services for Starmart – the advertising agency for CVB – Lisa Hoffman, stated that the campaign would focus on “our perpetually sunny state of mind” to lure visitors from all areas.

The campaign, launched on October 11, is named ‘Goodbye Chilly, Hello Sunny’ and is being promoted using TV ads, billboards, online advertising, and print ads, which could be good news for local print companies. The ads will be displayed from California to as far away as Scandinavia.

According to Hoffman, the aim of the campaign is to attract young travelers, families, and luxury customers who rely on social media, therefore influencing others in their social groups. The senior vice president of CVB, Carlos Molinet, points out that the ads will be focused on people who are happy and carefree, focusing heavily on sun and water.

The TV ads feature scenes of a family in the Everglades on an air boat, a woman driving past the ocean in a convertible with her dog sat by her side, and a mature couple dancing together on a deserted beach. In addition to being run in the usual parts of South Florida, the campaign will reach China, California, and London. Fort Lauderdale tourist information is already on display in London in the shape of a block of ice, fake of course, with a bikini inside. According to the president of CVB, Nicki Grossman, a job is created for every 85 tourists.