Once-in-five-year chance for Doral Charter change this summer

April 9, 2014 by  

Every five years, a review process is initiated and a Charter Review Commission is called upon to develop amendments to put before the citizens of Doral. This summer, Doral voters will have the opportunities to vote these amendments up or down.

The commission has drawn up 10 proposed amendments among which are a proposal that would change the mayor’s salary from $63,000 to $60,000 and change council member’s salaries from the current $15,000 to half of the mayor’s salary. Council would share in the mayor’s authority to hire charter officers and their removal would be changed to a multi-step process. The mayor’s ability to appoint city boards and committees would shift from being unilateral to being shared with council.

Other changes on which voters will have a chance to have their say include term limits of council members. Currently, there is a limit of two consecutive terms of four years each. A member could skip a term and then run again. The proposed change would place a limit of two terms, equating to an eight-year total. Candidates would also have shorter residency requirements, from two years to six months.

There are other proposed amendments, some of which are more involved and complex. In order to make an informed choice, voters will need to be given the opportunity to study the proposed changes. Utilizing printing companies is one way civic organizations can educate the public about any proposed amendments.

Doral voters can make their choices on June 30.