Miami Herald Company is relocating to Doral

February 3, 2012 by  

Almost a year after finalizing the sale of its downtown property, the Miami Herald Company has confirmed that it will be moving from Miami to Doral.

An aspect of this transaction that’ll be of interest to Doral residents is the construction of a printing plant next door to the Miami Herald’s new headquarters. Work is expected to begin less than 2 months from now in April and the project should be complete by the time the company has officially settled into Doral.

Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of the Miami Herald Company’s move is the way it’s grown despite the hard financial times many newspapers are facing. With a founding year of 1903, this is no small accomplishment. The best explanation for this company’s continued success may be found in the wide range of mediums that the Miami Herald Company has made use of.

Besides the Miami Herald, this media company also publishes and distributes:

“El Nuevo Herald,,,, specialty magazines, multimedia content including the WLRN-Miami Herald Radio Reports”. (sic.)

Through diversification and the embracing of the Internet and the radio, the Miami Herald has a solid future ahead of it.

While May 2013 might still feel like it’s a ways off, the Miami Herald Company’s departure has undoubtedly taken some by surprise. For Doral’s entrepreneurs, however, the Herald’s arrival provides another advertising option. With quality market research and some prepared flyer printing, local entrepreneurs can start looking for ways to reach a few of the Herald’s readers now.