Doral police cars get makeover

February 6, 2014 by  

The fleet of police cars in Doral, Florida, will be getting a makeover in the coming years.

At the end of January, the Doral City Council voted to approve a less expensive design for future vehicles. While it costs $3,000 per car for the current blue and white design, the new design, which is mostly white, will cost only $500 per vehicle. The total savings would be about $275,000, according to Richard Blom, the police chief.

The new design will feature “police” in blue letters on the sides of the car, along with the seal of the city. It was one of several designs presented to the council, each of which cost $500 per vehicle.

Doral will replace the entire 110-car fleet in the next few years. It can use flyer printing to let residents of the city know about the change.

The hunt for a new design was spurred in part by the fact that the wraps and detailing on the current fleet are beginning to fade. Blom tasked his executive assistant, Alfredo Vega, with researching new and inexpensive designs.

Police chief Blom stated that he’s approaching the new cars from an economic point of view. His goal is to save money on the cars he buys. The new cheaper designs will translate into huge savings for the city and its police department.