Business experts to learn to mobilize their marketing exploits

June 26, 2013 by  

Mobile marketing is here to stay and businesses can learn how to incorporate it into their marketing strategy just in time for this weekend.

As of 8:15 am on Friday, June 28 at Versailles, 3555 SW Eighth Street in Miami – right next to Doral – the message of the day will be that methods that work for computers, and even tablets, need to be modified for the small screens of mobile phones. This course helps the business owner understand the constraints of the small screen and what the audience is seeking.

The course, called ‘Mobile Marketing – Don’t Get Blinded by Technology’, will be taught by Claudio Schapsis, found of Georillas – a location-based marketing group. He is a speaker, writer, and technology advocate, and will no doubt be aware that all types of businesses can be helped to stay in touch by digital business cards.

Location based services are vital to the mobile consumer who wants easy access to information, especially when they are in unfamiliar territory. For more information, call (305) 445-7614.

For those who want to become as successful as Schapsis, the ‘Breakthrough to Success Seminar’ will be held at 10:00 am this Saturday, June 29, at the Hampton Inn & Suites, 2500 Stirling Road in Hollywood.

The two-day seminar will help professionals realize what their goals are and discover what may be holding them back from success. The seminar is led by Dr. Vijay Shah, president and CEO of Advanced Breakthrough, Inc., who is an expert at motivation.