New study of Daytona Beach designed to attract more tourists

August 7, 2012 by  

Jeff Hentz, the president and CEO of the Daytona Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, has announced this month that he is planning to conduct a study of the Daytona Beach area in the near future.

At a cost of $89,000, the PRIZM study will categorize potential visitors, provide detailed reports on various age groups and income brackets, and find out what the interests are of the these sets of age groups. Hentz expects to receive further info about the study from the council by September and, once the study is complete, he will no doubt use flyer printing and poster printing to attract those target markets and bring them to the area during future Junes, Julies, and Augusts.

According to Hentz, most visitors to the area during the summer come from somewhere close by in the Southeast, spend very little money in comparison to other destinations in Florida, stay for three of four days, and then go home. Hentz adds that local hotel owners find their occupancy rates to be generally flat and their average daily rental rates to be so as well. The goal that Hentz has is to make the summer season the absolute peak season and the spring and winter seasons another peak with the fall designed more for corporate business.

Hentz hopes that from this study he will be able to find more tourists who are still within driving range but come from outside of Florida and might therefore want to stay for longer periods of time.