NASCAR initiatives discussed at summit

July 26, 2012 by  

Yesterday, July 25, Brian France, the Chairman and CEO of NASCAR, located in Daytona Beach, Florida, was in London to participate in the annual summit of Beyond Sport. NASCART no doubt used flyer printing and poster printing to announce his participation in the event in an effort to demonstrate NASCAR’s commitment to Beyond Sport’s goal to create positive social change through the means of developing, promoting, and supporting the use of sports.

France participated in a panel called ‘Mobilizing Millions’ which he used to highlight and demonstrate the efforts of NASCAR in diversity, green, and charitable giving. Also in the panel were the CEO of the South African Football Association Dr. Robin Peterson, the celebrity chef and television personality Jamie Oliver, and Paddy Haverson, who is spokesperson for Prince Charles. The panel was moderated by NASCAR’s managing director of green innovation, Dr. Michael Lynch, and discussed how sports can be used in enabling large-scale change to occur. They also covered how sports personalities, organizations and governing bodies can use sports to positively change behavior, improve people’s lives, and empower people on a global scale.

According to the founder of Beyond Sport, Nick Keller, the mission of the organization is to bring together people from different outlooks so they can learn from each other by meeting, talking about, and sharing their experiences. He added that all around the world, NASCAR helps to change millions of people’s perspectives and sometimes even their living habits around the world, stressing that the insights of those involved in Beyond Sport are most invaluable.