Florida company’s unique rewards enable tremendous growth

March 14, 2013 by  

Advance Medical, a healthcare staffing company located in Port Orange just south of Daytona Beach, recently announced the success of a company perk that was implemented two years ago, known as ‘Beer Cart Fridays’.

According to the CEO of the company, Jennifer Fiucelli, by promoting a better corporate culture, the company has been able to grow and increase its profits. Beer Cart Fridays, one of the events, is a reward to employees for their hard work. It lets them know they are appreciated and enables them to associate and have different interactions to those experienced when sitting around a conference table.

Fiucelli added that this perk has been a small price to pay for the huge dividends that have been gained, one of which has been a low rate of turnover among all the employees. Other events the company holds are costume days for Halloween, barbeques during company time, and a ‘get out of jail free’ card on one’s birthday, which entitles that person to an additional paid day off.

It would not be surprising if flyer printing and poster printing have been used to show to the public that this perk has benefited the company tremendously over the past few years, demonstrating that positive incentives can be more beneficial to employees than threats.

Such perks as these have enabled the company to grow from four employees in 2005 at the Daytona Beach facility, to 350 with locations in Broomfield, Colorado, and Port Orange.