Earth science teacher receives space scholarship

April 24, 2013 by  

The Space Foundation recently announced that Lorraine Lightner, an earth science teacher at Daytona Beach’s Mainland High School, has been awarded the Dr. Catherine Pedretty Space Scholarship for Teachers for 2013. No doubt flyer printing and poster printing will be used to inform the community of this outstanding achievement.

The scholarship includes tuition, fees, travel, and meal expenses for Lightner to attend a professional development course of her choosing from the offerings of the Space Across the Curriculum program, held in Colorado Springs over the summer. The courses in the curriculum are a week long and help teachers to design courses with space themes when they teach technology, science, mathematics, and engineering – all with the aim of improving student performance.

Lightner will be attending a course about space weather because she feels that it is an ideal way for her to learn how to incorporate the latest technologies for predicting weather and thereby further engage her students in the classroom. In addition, she says that this course can also help to make learning meteorology more personal in that students will have the opportunity to develop their own forecasts having studied weather and its patterns.

Janet Stevens, who is the vice president of communications and marketing for the Space Foundation and daughter of Dr. Pedretty, makes this scholarship for teachers possible with her funding efforts. Dr. Pedretty grew up in Tennessee and then moved to Florida when she married. She was a guidance counselor and teacher for 38 years in the schools of Pinellas County.