Daytona Beverages plans expansion of distribution center

May 16, 2012 by  

On May 9th, Daytona Beverages LLC of Daytona Beach, Florida applied for a permit to carry out paving and site work for a 40,000-square foot addition to its existing distribution center. Their site, located at Mason Avenue, is currently 60,000 square feet in area. The company is most likely using poster printing and flyer printing to inform the local community of this expansion and the economic growth that it will provide for the area.

According to the Vice President of Sales for Daytona Beverages, Chris Bowler, this investment will add more employees to its payroll and help employment in the Daytona Beach area. President of Daytona Beverages, Kevin Bowler, added that the company was able to increase the originally planned addition of 30,000 square feet by an extra 10,000 square feet, as an engineer had determined that new receiving docks would not be necessary. This meant that another 10,000 square feet could be built for the same price as the cost of the new docks.

Kevin Bowler also said that although the company does not need the full 40,000 square feet, the timing is right for their construction as building costs are at their lowest and this enables the company to be ready for the future. Both Chris and Kevin Bowler added that this expansion of the existing warehouse will add jobs to the community, although they were unable to predict how many that would be.

The expanded facility has been designed by the architectural firm BPF Design, based in Daytona Beach. The contractor for the expansion work is due to be picked this week, according to Kevin Bowler.