More companies and more jobs headed towards Coral Springs

November 16, 2011 by  

In light of the recent changes that have been taking place in Coral Springs, people are becoming more optimistic about the future of the city’s economy.

When it first came out that the local K-Mart was closing, people were understandably concerned about what this meant to the job market in Coral Springs. So naturally, when Kohl’s opened a Coral Springs store in September, it was cause for celebration. While the new opening would’ve been a big deal in and of itself, the planned arrival of other big names like The Sports Authority and Marshalls could be a sign that things are starting to look up again. Even the Coral Springs’s Economic Development Foundation is getting excited.

With the banner printing likely being used at openings and the flyer printing that’s going into advertisings, the retail industry’s recent surge has not gone unnoticed by residents. What people might not be noticing however, is the way that other sectors have been flourishing here as of late. As just one example, Speed Source is an established race engineering firm that is currently making plans to relocate to Coral Springs.

This trend is certainly encouraging and those in charge seem to believe that this is just the beginning.

“[The commission] cannot create jobs,” Commissioner Larry Vignola said in a recent Tribune article. “We can only create an atmosphere that makes businesses want to come to Coral Springs. We will continue to reach out to businesses. The city is a lot more business-friendly than it used to be.”