Great gardening advice coming to Coral Springs

January 3, 2013 by  

Winter is in full swing throughout most of the United States but many people are already thinking of spring and their gardens. Gardening is a popular hobby for many homeowners but it is not often as easy as it may seem. It is just as well that there are master gardeners who can offer tips and advice to those who might not have as much of a green thumb as they do.

Gardenfest in Coral Springs offers tips and advice from master gardeners and nursery growers. It features a farmers’ market, gardening supply vendors, and the Battle of the Tomatoes contest, which gives first and second prizes for the Best Quality Tomato and the Largest Tomato – the first prize is a $50 gift card and second prize is a $25 gift card. Those attending will also have the opportunity to “ask the experts” about various gardening and plant problems they may be having.

It should be a great event for those who are just starting on becoming gardeners or those who have been gardening for years. Vendors taking part will no doubt be working with Coral Springs printing companies to prepare for the event, since products such as banners can help draw attention to their products and services.

The 6th annual Gardenfest will take place at Riverside Park from February 16 – 17. Admission is free. A portion of all proceeds from the event will help provide scholarships for those studying environmental and horticultural subjects at Florida College. For more information, call Marcy A. DiMare at 954-253-9189.