Elvis Presley tribute taking place in Coral Springs

December 5, 2011 by  

Those filled with nostalgia for the music of the Elvis Presley have Memories of Elvis in Concert to look forward to on January 8th, 2012.

Truly gifted as a singer and a performer, Elvis Presley’s music was able to reach people in all walks of life. His vocal range and ability to cross genres has likely played a major role in his sustained popularity as one of the highest selling artists of all time. It’s for these reasons and more that his premature death continues to haunt people to this day. Since January 8th is the date of Presley’s birthday, referring to this concert as a “Rockin’ birthday bash for Elvis” is very fitting.

Featuring Chris MacDonald as the man who will resurrect “the King” during this special evening, fans will be able to enjoy the music and stage presence of Elvis Presley one last time. Since MacDonald is considered Elvis Presley Enterprises’ go-to guy for Elvis Week, there’s no question that he’ll do a good job.

That said, organizers have stressed the point that “…This is not an impersonation but a loving tribute to the King of Rock and Roll, complete with costumes and dynamic concert band…”

Being held at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts, people of all ages are encouraged to attend. Tickets are going for as low as $25 with a current cap of around $40. Interested individuals will have to book quickly however. The local printing companies are going to be very busy these next few weeks and tickets aren’t expected to last long.