Coral Springs Chamber allows members to sponsor events

January 13, 2012 by  

The Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce is offering members several ways to promote their businesses through sponsorship opportunities.

One of the easiest options available to Coral Springs businesses is that of the “Wake Up Coral Springs” Breakfast that takes place each month. In exchange for $1,000, a company can give a brief but informative presentation, receive media exposure, and have a table for exhibition purposes. The fact that printed material is also allowed, makes for even more ways for business owners to market.

Not unlike the breakfast sponsorship spots, the Awards Gala is another great place for businesses to get their names out there. With the Chamber using this event to raise funds while recognizing the talent and accomplishments of local individuals, this is a win-win situation by anyone’s definition of the term.

Since sponsors are able to commit anything from a few hundred dollars to $7,000, there are a wide range of marketing techniques that can be utilized here. Just a few of these would include: a chance to give a short talk, full ads, inclusion in press releases, and logo appearances on the gala banner. This is all without taking into account such areas as Young Professionals.

While things like flyer printing, poster printing, and professional brochure printers will be needed to take full advantage of the possibilities, the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce is as stable a sponsorship opportunity as any other. Give the chapter a call and see what spots they have available this year.