Chamber to host Power Lunch May 2nd

May 1, 2012 by  

A quick glance at the Coral Springs Chamber’s May calendar is enough to show that local business professionals and entrepreneurs will have plenty of opportunities to be active in the coming weeks. With such highlighted events as the Power Lunch and the Chamber’s Wake-Up Breakfast taking place, it’s also worth pointing out that the list of meet-ups are going to be well-rounded.

Events begin practically right away with the Chamber’s Power Lunch starting May 2nd. While the chance to network and the need to have professionally prepared business card printing is still available, it should definitely be pointed out that this month’s speaker, Matt Flanagan, will be addressing a concern that reaches across industries and sectors.

Having entitled his keynote presentation “How to Gain Visibility On Your Website”, Mr. Flanagan will likely be drawing from his depth of knowledge and professional experiences with Effective Advertising Group in putting it all together. Whether on the fence about the use of digital business cards or looking for answers where social media is concerned, this is a meet-up worth going to.

A little under two weeks after the Power Lunch, the Coral Springs Chamber will be hosting an event on the 15th. Starting at 7:30 AM and ending at 9:00 PM, there’s plenty of time to attend this one and still make it to work on schedule. Priced at $15 for pre-registered members and $25 for both non-members and members who are electing to pay at the door, the costs are definitely within reason. Either way, local professionals have plenty of options available to them.