Residents of Coral Gables can now avoid parking tickets

November 16, 2012 by  

A new parking app has been introduced to Coral Gables which will make it easier for residents and visitors to avoid parking tickets. The new system will let smartphone users pay for parking wherever they are, without the need for small change or a credit card.

PayByPhone was originally introduced in 2005 but a monthly fee had to be paid by users or a tag hung in the car. The system has been upgraded to make it easier for users to pay for parking. Once the app has been opened, a user will type in the car space number and enter details of how long they want to park for before pressing ‘enter’. The introduction of new technology commenced at the start of November and will include 4,200 spaces which are situated throughout Coral Gables.

According to the public affairs manager of Coral Gables city, Maria Rosa Higgins Fallon the new system will be a much more convenient method of payment, helping drivers to avoid parking tickets. For people who do not have access to a smartphone, it is still possible to pay with coins at spaces with a meter, with a large number accepting payment by credit card.

South Miami, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale are among other cities to adopt the new system. Local poster printing services may be utilized in the promotion of the new system, providing details of how to get the new parking app and pay for parking. Higgins Fallon pointed out that users with the app can pay for parking without leaving their current location and will avoid having to carry spare change.