Re-Connect Luncheon takes place May 2nd

May 1, 2012 by  

With the next Re-Connect Luncheon taking place on the 2nd and the next segment of IMPACT being held a week later, Coral Gables professionals may want to consider calling a local print company to see about the possibility of getting some business card printing done ahead of time. The Coral Gables Chamber has a full month planned ahead and those cards could go a long way towards aiding a local entrepreneur’s networking efforts.

Coming up just around the corner on May 2nd, the Coral Gables Chamber is going to be hosting a Re-Connect Luncheon from 12:15 PM to 1:45 PM. Whether an individual is looking to get some networking done early this month or is instead hoping to acquire valuable information, this upcoming luncheon represents a fantastic opportunity to accomplish all of these goals and more.

Featuring Daniel Odess of East Coast Public Adjusters, Inc. as the keynote speaker, it’s clear that attendees are getting a “two for one deal” where networking and information-gathering is concerned. With Anacapri listed as the chosen venue and a listed price of $20 per person, local professionals can’t go wrong putting in an appearance at this event.

Just a week after the Re-Connect Luncheon, the Chamber will be putting on the next installment of IMPACT. Expected to last approximately two hours with an official start time of 8:00 AM, this is another chance for small business owners to get some insightful advice on the topics that matter the most. No matter how it’s looked at, this is another occasion that’s worth attending.