Coral Gables trio builds orphanage in India

March 14, 2013 by  

Lynn Bauer and two friends, Rod Hildebrant and Matthew Meeham, have succeeded in building an orphanage in India which houses 62 children, all aged between five and 17 years old. The trio’s next project is a clothing drive to be performed through a collaboration between the three friends and local schoolchildren.

Initially, Bauer, who is the owner of a bank rating company in Coral Gables, sent donations to Sunil and Kittu Kumar in India. At that time, Kumar and his wife were looking after 23 orphans in a church in the village of Samisragudem. However, sending money was not enough and Bauer decided to go and meet the couple and the orphans. When Hildebrant and Meeham heard about the plight of Kumar and the children, they decided to go along too.

The first journey took place in 2006 when the trio met the children and did some research. On the following visit, they bought some land close to the church and named it Sunil’s Home. Today, the orphanage, which opened in 2008, has grown to include a volleyball court, an organic garden, turkeys, geese, and a golden Labrador. The three friends visit the orphanage a couple of times each year and communicate via Skype and email. Bauer organized fundraising around five years ago, although the initial investment came from the three friends. A computer lab and a volleyball court have been provided thanks to the fund raising efforts of Coral Gables school children.

To raise awareness of the orphanage and the upcoming clothes drive, Bauer may utilize the poster printing services of a local print company.