Coral Gables parking enters the 21st century

February 17, 2013 by  

PayByPhone has been declared a success by city officials in Coral Gables, Florida, following a strong performance of the cellphone app last month.

The new app has made car parking much easier for drivers who do not have to spend time searching for coins or worrying about the expiry time. Around 4,200 parking spaces have had the new mobile app installed. Since the launch of the application on November 1, there has been a surge of activity, according to Belkys Perez, a public affairs spokeswoman for the city.

Perez stated that PayByPhone transactions usually amount to $20,000 but since the installation of the new apps, the city has collected over $50,000 for January alone. Motorists now have an alternative method of paying for car parking with the introduction of the new app, through which users can register their vehicle and credit card to make paying over their phone simple. The location code can also be completed on the app and the required parking time. If customers do not have the parking app, they can launch the website using their phone by scanning the QR code, which is displayed on meters.

Paying for car parking has been improved by the PayByPhone app, with additional features now available. Users can elect to receive a text alert when the meter is due to expire, while extra time may be added just by making a call, sending a text, or accessing the web. The new app may have been promoted using flyers in the local area, possibly using local poster printing services to display instructions for use.