Cape Coral considers turning golf course into park

January 13, 2018 by  

Cape Coral city staff see two options for an old golf course located in the South Cape, off Palm Tree Boulevard.

Cape Coral City Council can buy the parcel of land or give permission for it to be turned into a residential development. The council will put the decision up to a vote at its next meeting.

If the council decides to move forward with purchasing the land, it would need to give city staff the authorization to put together a contract with the current owner of the golf course, Ryan Company. Ryan is currently asking for $12m for the land and has agreed to provide any environmental remediation required.

Cities can use printing services when drawing up contracts, or when deciding what to do with empty parcels of land.

If Cape Coral City Council decides to vote against purchasing the land, Ryan Company will submit documents including a Planned Development Project and a comp plan amendment. The Planned Development Project would allow for as many as 500 homes on the land. The first building permit could be pulled as early as November.

The next meeting is on January 29. If the council votes yes at the January meeting, the city manager, John Szerlag, will request authorization for the purchase contract at the meeting in February.