Brush Strokes Awards Winners Announced

November 11, 2011 by  

For the past 8 years, the Brush Strokes Awards have been given out to individuals who have made noticeable contributions to Art in the past year. Although this year’s event took place a couple weeks ago at the Center Place Fine Arts & Civic Association, people are still talking about the profound impact Art has had on the community of Brandon.

With categories like “Development of Arts in the Community” and “Lifetime Achievement in the Arts”, there’s no doubt that Brush Strokes Awards winners are selected with the bigger picture in mind. As a result of the unique selection criteria, there are more people who are eligible each year. Even the 2011 list ranges from individual artists and teachers to corporations that would actually have a legitimate need for printing services like the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. It might not seem very orthodox but the opportunities made possible through the broad categories are an important part of what makes the Brush Strokes Awards so unique.

Case in point, the 2011 Artist of the Year was James Vann. His passion for Jazz and his use of arithmetical shapes in his work was enough to impress the awarding committee. The Awards chairwoman, Cheryl Kuck told the Brandon News & Tribune “They [the winners] have received these awards because they’ve done something above and beyond picking up a brush or a pen,”

Art is a notoriously difficult subject to judge. The fresh approach taken by Brush Strokes Awards has definitely not gone unnoticed by Brandon’s Fine Arts community.