Sign writers make FLA flaw in Jacksonville

July 15, 2013 by  

There are times in life when we all make mistakes, and often it happens when we are quickly writing something down. However, when it comes to producing something a little more permanent, most of us take a little more care. This does not always happen, as was perhaps the case at the other end of the 301 from Bradenton recently.

Busily replacing old signs on Interstate 95 earlier in the month, the Florida Department of Transportation was forced into hastily explaining two glaring errors. In reality though, it is not entirely the DT’s mistake.

Shortly after work crews had installed the new direction signs on the I-95 in Jacksonville, people started noticing the gaffes.

Designed to direct visitors to the Florida State College South Campus and the University of North Florida, both instances of the state had been misspelt. Amazingly, the signs had been made with the state spelled ‘Flordia’ in both cases.

Such mistakes should be avoided at all costs, as any good print company from Bradenton to Tampa will be able to testify.

The sign, which had been produced by a not so local Arkansas company, was intended for use on the J. Turner Boulevard exit of the Interstate. It will have to be a little vacant of the signs for a while though, as works continue to produce new, and ideally correct, signs.

Speaking to local press, the company that is responsible for making the signs said the mistakes would be rectified for free.