Clam House opens retail fish store

August 15, 2013 by  

Kyle Brinkley, owner of The Clam House in Palmetto, just across the Manatee River from Bradenton, recently announced that he has opened a fresh fish market adjacent to his restaurant, stocking snapper, grouper, sushi-grade tuna, mullet, and anything else he and his son can catch on a regular basis.

Most likely, he has been using flyer printing and poster printing to let his patrons and others who travel to the area become aware of his latest endeavor, which he has undertaken to improve his income from the restaurant and his commercial fishing activities.

Brinkley started making his living as a commercial fisherman 11 years ago, raising clams. He leased 14 acres of underwater grass flats from Florida and grew them in two-acre increments in the Terra Ceia Bay. He then would harvest them once they matured and sell them across the United States. When the commercial fishing industry changed due to government regulations, he decided that opening a restaurant would help supplement his income.

His restaurant, The Clam House, specializes in Asian cuisine, with relatively inexpensive prices for a fresh fish dinner as Brinkley is able to cut out the middle man. His sushi role and Thai-fry-fish, a whole fish of one’s choice which is flash fried and then cut into bite sized cubes are the top sellers in the restaurant.

Consequently, Brinkley is a commercial fisherman, a wholesaler of seafood, a restaurateur and a retailer. He says he is dedicated to commercial fishing and does not want to become the victim of imported and processed fish from overseas.