Bradenton holds Viva Florida 500 events

May 29, 2013 by  

The Florida Department of State recently announced that its Viva Florida 500 initiative will be holding several events in Bradenton in the upcoming months.

The event is designed to commemorate 500 years’ worth of historic events and people in the state since Ponce de Leon’s arrival in 1513, and no doubt flyer printing and poster printing are being used to make people throughout the state aware of the many events and activities being held in Florida during the year.

The Viva Florida 500 celebration held a kick-off event in January at the Manatee Central Library in Bradenton with a tour of the exhibits and historical collections of the library, a time capsule contest for kids, a reception with the Hernando de Soto Historical Society, and a book signing by H. Terrell Griffin, a Florida author. The library is planning additional events, including a ‘Letters to the Future’ contest, additional programs instructed by local fountains of knowledge, and exhibits that will be loaned to the Library by other museums and historical societies.

Other events to come in Bradenton are a History of Boatbuilding lecture and the De Soto National Memorial, both to be held in July.

The Florida Department of State gave the library a special time capsule, and it will be sealed later this year and displayed to the public. It is not planned to be opened again until 2055, which will be Manatee County’s 200th anniversary. Items from the winners of the kids’ contest held earlier in the year will find their way into the time capsule, together with additional items from local and county organizations and the library.