Bradenton announces new slogan

September 18, 2012 by  

Tourism officials of Manatee County last week announced “Real. Authentic. Florida” as a new slogan for the City of Bradenton, Florida.

The Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors’ Bureau is no doubt using poster printing and flyer printing to make this announcement as a means to attract and make it more appealing to visitors and tourists to the area.

According to the Executive Director of the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Elliott Falcone, the new slogan was also intended as a means to re-brand the city. He said that a great deal of research was done by a consultant that the Agency hired in order to arrive at the new slogan and involved talking with small businesses who would benefit from more vacationers to the area and to prospective tourists to determine what would attract them to visit the city. Falcone added that the idea of the new slogan was also to focus on the small-town charm of the area.

The focus of the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is to promote tourism in Manatee County, where Bradenton is located, and also to communities of Longboat Key, Anna Maria Island, and Lakewood Ranch by means of advertising, marketing efforts, and public efforts of both a domestic and international nature. Tourism is the leading industry in Manatee County by generating more than $511 million on an annual basis into the local economy and employing more than 18,000 people in the area. Guests who stay in Manatee County for less than six months help to fund the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau by means of a tourist development tax which is added to the cost of their accommodations.