Area pays tribute to veterans this weekend

November 8, 2013 by  

Veterans of American wars and United States military personnel will be honored at the Church of the Redeemer in downtown Sarasota, just outside of Bradenton, as part of the 2013 Veterans Recognition Program. No doubt poster printing is being used to make the community aware of this special commemorative event and other activities occurring that day.

Captain Kenneth A. Niederberger, will speak during the services set to run throughout the morning. Captain Niederberger is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis and became a SEAL more than 20 years ago. As part of his service as a member of several SEAL teams, Niederberger was on duty in Bosnia to support a Joint Task Force and later to the Naval Special Warfare Department as a Squadron Commander.

Some of the awards bestowed on Captain Niederberger’s include two Defense Meritorious Service medals, five Bronze Stars, a pair of Navy Achievement Medals, and a number of ribbons.

Throughout the morning, there will be acknowledgements and thanks given to those veterans and military personnel serving the United States around the world. Brigadier General Charly Shugg, who is retired from the United States Air Force, will let those in attendance become aware of ways of helping out local veteran organizations. Children will be given the opportunity to meet, talk and thank the veterans in attendance, while also learning about the roles they have played as part of their service.

The honorary ceremony will take place this Sunday, November 10.