Boca Raton to experience school rebuilding

November 20, 2018 by  

There will be a great deal of realignment of students in schools in Boca Raton as construction takes place over the next several years.

Member of the school board, Frank Barbieri Jr., said that the Verde Elementary School in Boca Raton will be demolished and rebuilt on the site. The project, at a cost of $31.7 million, and will add middle school grades.

The students will leave the school in the fall and move into 70 portable units on the track and soccer fields of the Don Estridge High Tech Middle School. With schools in Boca Raton filled to capacity, Barbieri said that temporary space was needed to house students as their schools were rebuilt. The plan is that the rebuilding will take one year so that the students can return to their campus in August 2020.

Once the Verde Elementary School is rebuilt, about 800 students from Addison Mizner Elementary school would then move into those same portable units as their school is also rebuilt. This project, at a cost of $20m, would create a school housing grade kindergarten through eight and be completed in August 2012.

A penny sales tax approved by the voters of the school district will pay for all the construction.

Flyer printing can be used to keep families abreast of such changes and their effect on parking, sports fields, and other amenities.