Boca Raton’s Lynn University hosting 2012 presidential debate

November 10, 2011 by  

Lynn University is reeling with excitement after finding out on Monday that the school would be hosting the presidential debate of 2012. From the students to the faculty, everyone is looking forward to their school being a part of history.

When President Barack Obama and the Republican nominee arrive at Lynn University to hash out their political differences, it’ll be the last time the candidates debate each other before the elections. Consequently, both the Republican and Democratic campaigns will likely be ramping up their banner and poster printing in preparation for the final push while they’re in Boca Raton. By extension, the fact that the televised debate is being held so close to the election date will place the university under even more scrutiny than before. After all, this isn’t just any debate. Even with the October 2012 date still being relatively far away, the school –and the city- are already talking about making preparations.

Professor Robert Watson summarized it best when he told WPTV that:

“You’re going to have thousands of people, reporters, professors, analysts from around the world, flying in, renting hotel rooms, rental cars, eating at our restaurants,”

Although the emphasis will be on the university during the debate, the city of Boca Raton will also have to be ready for the inevitable influx of visitors. For now however, these practical conversations are being put aside as people wait for the University’s coming press conference. There will be more than enough time between November 2011 and October 2012 to sort out the details.