New radio station in Alabaster to focus on charities

March 31, 2014 by  

Gene Rowley, a seasoned radio personality, and his business partner Phillip Pritchard, have recently announced that they will be forming a new radio station, APH Radio, whose call letters stand for Alabaster, Pelham, and Helena.

No doubt the duo is turning to a variety of printing services to let those who will be able to listen to it know that it will be a nonprofit entity and will donate its revenues to charities in the local area.

The new radio station will broadcast on 99.9 FM and be based in Alabaster, with its shows featuring a mix of talk shows and popular music.

According to Rowley, the radio station will focus on all of Shelby County so that businesses that advertise on the station will know that their money will go towards helping local charitable organizations. Residents from Shelby County will form a committee, receive requests for funds, and determine how to spend the proceeds the station receives. The goal is to have zero dollars at the end of each year. In addition, it will help local businesses to keep their money in the County and have a voice in the local area.

Rowley added that the new radio station plans to begin its operations on July 1st. It is looking for sponsors to help with the initial start-up costs.