New president of Alabama State University to be announced by year end

December 19, 2013 by  

The Board of Trustees of Alabama State University in Montgomery will be holding a meeting tomorrow, December 20, in order to determine the next president of the University. No doubt a variety of printing services are being used to let those in the academic community and residents of the state become aware that this important decision is being made.

There were 70 finalists for the position and this number was narrowed down to three finalists: Senator Quinton Ross Jr., Gwendolyn Boyd, and Brigadier General Samuel J. Nichols Jr.

Senator Ross is in the Alabama Senate serving his third term. He was born and raised in Mobile and his Master’s degree in education degree is from Alabama State University, as is his doctoral degree in educational policy, leadership, and law. Currently at H. Trenholm State Technical College, and he is the director of the Adult Education Consortium.

Gwendolyn Boyd works in the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University as an engineer and executive assistant to the chief of staff. She was also born and raised in Mobile and has a degree from Alabama State University. President Obama appointed her to the Barry Goldwater Commission on excellence in education.

The former deputy commander of the United States joint task force at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Brigadier General Samuel Nichols, Jr. was born and brought up in Biloxi, Mississippi and attended Mississippi State University, from which he received both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. He currently works for the Veterans Affairs Administration and lives in Virginia.