New Dragon Boat racing spectacular roars to success in Montgomery

June 16, 2013 by  

Montgomery has had a long-held association with sport of Dragon Boat racing, and this is in no better way highlighted than in August. Last weekend, however, saw a new event take place, with a number of out-of-state teams joining in.

Print companies from all over the area were clearly busy in the run up to the Southeast Dueling Dragon Classic too, as posters, banners, and all manner of colorful displays were in evidence. It was a fine way to mark the state’s first running of a regional Dragon Boat Race festival.

With teams taking part from as far flung areas as Atlanta and Houston, around 25 teams took to the Alabama River to traverse the three courses. As well as the more traditional 500-meter course, a 2,000 meter course was also seen.

The biggest amount of work, by organizers and teams, was needed on the 5,000-meter course though. Even so, the course plotting was clearly a success, with the executive director of August’s Montgomery Dragon Boat and Race Festival, Andrew Szymanski, keen to build on the event.

Stating that the city’s riverfront as offering a great opportunity, Szymanski said he is eager to establish Montgomery as a premier destination for Dragon Boat events.

This year’s festival in a couple of months looks set to be one of the best ever too, and banner and poster printing efforts are likely already underway.

Hosting teams from the police department and the Air Force, the 2013 festival takes place on Saturday August 24 this year.