Montgomery school appoints new superintendent

January 25, 2014 by  

Margaret Allen was recently appointed by the school board as the superintendent on a full-time basis for the Montgomery County Public Schools. The school board is most likely turning to a variety of printing services to let residents, students and their parents become aware of Allen’s new position in the Montgomery Public School (MPS) system.

Allen has worked in a variety of roles over the past 30 years in the MPS. She has been the interim superintendent over the past two months and has developed a good rapport with the faculty and staff. The board realized that an outside candidate would not be able to handle the issues in the county as well as an outside candidate and so made the decision to sign her to a two-year contract at a pay of $158,000 per year.

According to Allen, she is happy with her appointment and now has to change gears somewhat to add more long-term planning in her daily routine.

Ellen Dawkins, president of the school board, commented that Allen is the right person for the position at this time as she understands the problems the school system is facing. Dawkins added that there are no long term plans with regard to the superintendent’s position, but that Allen can not only get the school system through its rough stretch of problems at this time but also has the expertise to deal with other issues in the school system.

Allen added that her plans were never to become superintendent and that two years in the position may be suitable for her.