Montgomery Museum of Fine Art offers inspiring summer exhibits

July 10, 2012 by  

With a diverse blend of art exhibits that range from traditional, nature-inspired paintings to abstract photographs that push the limits of modern technology, the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art has something for everyone this summer.

First, in a unique photography exhibit titled “Gulf Wave Series,” Caroline Davis presents vivid, luminous shots of light, sky, and water that almost seem to have been captured on another planet. The Gulf Wave series is running from now until August 26.

Continuing with photography, although in an entirely different style, is an exhibit by Lyle Peterzell set to run from now until September 2. Peterzell offers a moving journey to the Mississippi Gulf coast, which highlights the haunting and beautiful side of the coast while also raising awareness of the negative impacts of modern industry on this majestic but fragile area.

Running parallel to Peterzell’s exhibit until September 2 is another nature-oriented display; one of watercolor paintings by the late artist and outdoorsman, Walter Inglis Anderson. Throughout his fascinating life, which included many years roughing it on tiny Horn Island off the Mississippi coast, Anderson produced stunningly detailed paintings of the flora, fauna, and wildlife of the Gulf region.

Finally, running from now until September 16 is a collaborative exhibit featuring a wide range of prints from several artists that, according to MMFA’s website:

“…illustrate how artists throughout the last sixty years pushed the boundaries of printmaking.”

Indeed, art enthusiasts, graphic artists, print companies, and those involved with flyer printing and banner printing would have much to gain from this and MMFA’s other intriguing summer exhibits.