Montgomery economy receives boost from Department of Defense

July 26, 2013 by  

Recent news from the U.S. Department of Defense has revealed that Montgomery is to be home to one of only eight Core Data Centers(CDC) in the country. A total of 200 digital information handling centers are to be consolidated into eight CDCs, with the Montgomery Defense Enterprise Computing Center located on Maxwell Air Force Base being the first.

According to the U.S. Senator from Alabama, Jeff Sessions, the upgrade to Core Data Center will bring added investment and jobs to Montgomery in the near future. Upgrades to the Gunter Annex at Maxwell Air Force Base have already begun. Funding in the amount of $19m will bring the Montgomery center’s servers up to date and improve the backup generator capacity. There are also plans to change the existing floor plan at the Gunter Annex to make room for additional servers in the future.

New businesses, or the expansion of existing ones, often creates a ripple effect throughout the business community, with entrepreneurs in service industry tending to feel the effort the soonest. Successful small business owners react quickly to change and printing companies in Montgomery will likely see an influx of customers wanting to alter their print advertisements to adapt to the changing dynamics of the community.

The planned upgrades to Gunter Annex are scheduled to be complete by year’s end. All of the services provided by the existing 200 digital information handling sites will have been transferred to the 8 Core Data Centers (CDC) by the end of 2018.