Harry Potter sport comes to Montgomery

November 25, 2012 by  

Quidditch, the preferred sport of wizards and witches around the world, is arriving in Montgomery, Alabama in 2013. Fans of the featured sport, made famous by the Harry Potter series of books and films will be able to participate in a game of Quidditch in February of next year. The Montgomery Quidditch Tournament and Festival will be hosted by the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, the City of Montgomery and the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.

During the announcement of the tournament and festival, the Mayor of Montgomery, Todd Strange, tried on the sorting hat. The tournament and festival will take place at Blount Cultural Park. In addition to the tournament there will also feature live music, drinks, and food based on the Harry Potter books and films. Anyone attending the event will also enjoy the opening and closing ceremonies of the Quidditch tournament. People can register for the tournament from December 1, 2012.

There will be up to 40 teams, consisting of seven players during the tournament – two beaters, three chasers, one seeker, and one keeper. Players will mount their broomsticks before facing off to try and score the highest number of goals, without being dismounted from their broomsticks by the opposition. Printing companies will no doubt be involved in the promotion of the event, with banner printing being utilized by sponsors of the tournament. Sponsors will also be able to display products in Daigon Alley, where attendees of the tournament and festival will be able to wander during the event.